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Our core services that we offer to our clients. We are experts in these domains.
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Document Translation

We cover translation of documents pertaining to the business of company. This includes Legal Contracts or Agreements, Technical Manuals, Vision and Mission statements, patents, Web and Mobile Content such as blog posts, customer services, About Us page, etc. To translate, we interpret the intended message to the target audience locally.

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Website & App Translation

Trancelance Services use linguistic and cultural context to adapt website/app to the local language of target market. Our process involves more than simple text translation and cultural suitability. We use both expert native speaking translators and cutting-edge translation tools and software. The purpose is to attain 99.9% website localization.

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Software localization

Trancelance Services translate software to the technical, cultural and linguistic requirements of the company. We have experienced translators & language experts to work on clients’ site and to deliver timely in almost any language. Our pool of translators is always on standby to deliver the best projects for our clients.

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Apostille Services

We provide Apostille services to our customers in India. We ensure that the document is properly authenticated and can be used in the destination country. Our service includes notarisation of the document, filing of the Apostille with the relevant government agency along with delivery of the Apostille to our customers.

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Transcription & Subtitling

Do you intend to produce videos? We offer competitive prices for video transcription and subtitling. This is essential for marketers intending to promote the video. Our services are the best and we offer highly competitive prices and prompt delivery. We have experts to finish your video projects for local markets in lesser time.

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Why GoVernacular?

Gone are those days when businesses used to focus only on 1 language. Businesses are going global and so do you need to Go Vernacular to compete with the world.
Communicate without barriers.

Businesses are created daily by fearless founders. They all strive to become global brands in the competitive market. To do so, brands require language services to penetrate foreign markets and cultures. This penetration always set them at par from other mushroom brands competing for local dominance. To penetrate and dominate globally, a business brand needs translators to localize the content (web and mobile), features including Users’ Interface (UI), manuals, communications, trainings of the company and much more for easier comprehension and understanding. GoVernacular is the marketing brand name from Trancelance Services, which is the leading translation company for globally localizing products and services to users’ satisfaction and taste. We localize content for our clients by understanding their business, services and solutions outcomes before offering and delivering high-quality standards, service consistency, market speed and business value. Trancelance Services is ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our global operations are in compliance with the quality standards, management and control as set out by the ISO.

  • We work in 90 percent of language pair covering almost all languages in the world.

  • Our prime focus is to deliver highest quality translations with not less than 99 percent accuracy.

  • We take pride in saying that translators love to work with us; their feedback on says it all. We have more than 100 verified native translators on-board.

  • We are maintaining 100 percent positive feedback with our clients. We are trusted by popular brands in the world.

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